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YMC- 7060 Gantry milling main technical parameter and configuration

Item times Items Technical parameter
1 Travel to X/Y/Z axis 600/700/230
2 Workstations largest load 350Kg
3 Width of Gantry  730(About)
4 Height of Gantry (from nose tip part to table of spindle) 390(About)
5 Large knife speed(G01) 6000mm/Min
6 Maximum moving speed(G00) 7500mm/min
7 Motorized spindle power 4KW
8 Highest rev. of spindle 24000RPM/Min
9 Taper hole spec of spindle ER25
10 Weight of whole machine 2.6T
11 Total capacity of electric 10KVA
12 Power input voltage/frequency 380V/50Hz
13 CNC system Taiwan HSP(other brands alternative)
14 X/Y/Z axis position precision 0.001mm
15 Lubrication system Adjustable parameters auto-lubricator
16 Servo system Digital AC Servo

(Technology upgrading, configuration parameters are subject to change without notice.)

Standard configuration:

1、Spindle poleless speed-adjusting

2、Spindle water cooling system

3、Spindle oil combined system and centralized lubrication system

4、Machine fully-guarded

5、Guide way protection

6、Air and cutting fluid two kinds of blade cooling system


8、Standard accessory

Configuration options are as follows:

1、CNC system: Spain Fagor, SYNTEC, and so on

2、Import/domestic tool auto-checking instrument

3、Mechanical tool store

4、CNC rotary table (fourth axis)

5、Pneumatic tool changing motorized spindle

6、Spindle constant temperature oil cooling system

7、Optional graphite processing package

Note: All quotations are according to standard configuration, for the need of matching function or additional components; price needs to be negotiated by buyer and sellers.



・Direct-connected spindle

・High torque

・High speed

・Low vibration

・High transmission efficiency

・Credible and steady built-in oil pressure tool broken

・Floating fastened tool broken mechanism protects bearing.