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YMC- 1080 Gantry milling main technical parameter and configuration

Item times Items Technical parameter
1 Travel to X,Y,Z axis A type:1000/800/350
B type:850/1050/350
2 Workstations largest load 1000Kg
3 Width of Gantry A type:1020(About)
B type:950(About)
4 Height of Gantry(from nose tip part to table of spindle) 460(About)
5 Large knife speed(G01) 6000mm/Min
6 Maximum moving speed(G00) XY:15000mm/Min Z:7500mm/min
7 Motorized spindle power 8KW
8 Highest Rev. of spindle 18000RPM/Min
9 Taper hole spec of spindle ER32
10 Weight of whole machine 5.1T
11 Total capacity of electric 20KVA
12 Power input voltage/frequency 380V/50Hz
13 CNC system Taiwan HSP(other brands available)
14 X/Y/Z position precision 0.001mm
15 Lubrication system Adjustable parameters auto-lubricator
16 Servo system Digital AC Servo
17 Weight system Air pressure weight system

(Technology upgrading, configuration parameters are subject to change without notice.)

Standard configuration:

1、Spindle poleless speed-adjusting 

2、Spindle water cooling system 

3、Spindle oil combined system and centralized lubrication system 

4、Machine fully-guarded 

5、Guide way protection 

6、Air and cutting fluid two kinds of blade cooling system 


8、Standard accessory


Configuration options are as follows:

1、CNC system:Spain Fagor, SYNTEC, and so on  

2、Import/domestic tool auto-checking instrument 

3、Mechanical tool store 

4、CNC rotary table (fourth axis)  

5、Mechanical spindle/BT30/BT40 

6、Pneumatic tool changing motorized spindle 

7、Spindle constant temperature oil cooling system 

8、Optional graphite processing package

Note: all quotations are according to standard configuration, for the need of matching function or

additional components; price needs to be negotiated by buyer and sellers.


・With excellent performance, highest amplifier response in the same trade, having shortened settling time

・20 bit high resolution encoder, higher precision

・Enhanced resonance suppression function